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Spring Fever Spring Fever follows Vicki Walker the youngest Detective Chief Inspector in the state who considers her recent transfer to the fast growing Melbourne suburb of Bayport, as a stepping-stone to the top. At this newly built police complex she is partnered with detective Tom Barton who is street-wise, ready to retire and probably the oldest Detective Chief Inspector in Australia.

Their initial differences and abilities are soon put to the test with the discovery of a murder victim only minutes from the Bayport Police Complex. As they continue their search for the vicious killer, Tom discovers that his son may be involved with criminals and has also arranged a large loan with a financier who has died in bizarre circumstances. Vicki’s methodical approach and persistence suggests that this death is not an accident as it at first appears to be. When a third body is found, the whole team has to consider the possibility that a serial killer may be terrorizing Bayport. Using forensic evidence, departmental procedures, intuition and the instinct for survival, Vicki Walker and Tom Barton search for clues and connections, and as they gather evidence and relentlessly pursue the killer or killers, they gain respect for each other.

Presented in short chapters, each with a hook to the next, this novel is fast-paced, keeping the pages turning. It uses detailed Police Methodology yet retains insight into the personal lives of the protagonists. There is horror and there is tender romance; this is an exciting story for all Crime Fiction devotees.